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<?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit();
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 * English version of object possession. (ie. "Bob's thing" VS "Jess' thing").
 * @param string The word to format.
if (!function_exists('FormatPossessive')) {
   function FormatPossessive($Word) {
      return $Word;
if (!function_exists('Plural')) {
   function Plural($Number, $Singular, $Plural) {
      $cases = array (2, 0, 1, 1, 1, 2);
      $case = ($Number%100>4 && $Number%100<20) ? 2 : $cases[min($Number%10, 5)];
      if ($case == 0) {
         $text = $Singular;
      } elseif ($case == 1) {
         $text = ($Singular == $Plural) ? $Singular . " Plural" : $Plural;
      } else
         $text = $Plural . "_many";
      return sprintf(T($text), $Number);
$Definition['Locale'] = 'ru-RU';
// THESE ARE RELATED TO VALIDATION FUNCTIONS IN /garden/library/core/validation.functions.php
$Definition['ValidateRegex'] = '%s does not appear to be in the correct format.';
$Definition['ValidateRequired'] = '%s is required.';
$Definition['ValidateRequiredArray'] = 'You must select at least one %s.';
$Definition['ValidateEmail'] = '%s does not appear to be valid.';
$Definition['ValidateDate'] = '%s is not a valid date.';
$Definition['ValidateInteger'] = '%s is not a valid integer.';
$Definition['ValidateBoolean'] = '%s is not a valid boolean.';
$Definition['ValidateDecimal'] = '%s is not a valid decimal.';
$Definition['ValidateTime'] = '%s is not a valid time.';
$Definition['ValidateTimestamp'] = '%s is not a valid timestamp.';
$Definition['ValidateLength'] = '%1$s is %2$s characters too long.';
$Definition['ValidateEnum'] = '%s is not valid.';
$Definition['ValidateOneOrMoreArrayItemRequired'] = 'You must select at least one %s.';
$Definition['ValidateConnection'] = 'The connection parameters you specified failed to open a connection to the database. The database reported the following error: <code>%s</code>';
$Definition['ValidateMinimumAge'] = 'You must be at least 16 years old to proceed.';
$Definition['ValidateMatch'] = 'The %s fields do not match.';
$Definition['ErrorPermission'] = 'Sorry, permission denied.';
$Definition['ErrorCredentials'] = 'Sorry, no account could be found related to the email and password you entered.';
$Definition['ErrorPluginVersionMatch'] = 'The enabled {0} plugin (version {1}) failed to meet the version requirements ({2}).';
$Definition['ErrorPluginDisableRequired'] = 'You cannot disable the {0} plugin because the {1} plugin requires it in order to function.';
$Definition['ErrorPluginEnableRequired'] = 'This plugin requires that the {0} plugin be enabled before it can be enabled itself.';
$Definition['ErrorTermsOfService'] = 'You must agree to the terms of service.';
$Definition['ErrorRecordNotFound'] = 'The requested record could not be found.';
$Definition['PageDetailsMessageFull'] = '%1$s to %2$s of %3$s';
$Definition['PageDetailsMessage'] = '%1$s to %2$s';
$Definition['RoleID'] = 'role';
$Definition['Garden.Registration.DefaultRoles'] = 'default role';
$Definition['Garden.Title'] = 'Application title';
$Definition['Garden.Email.SupportName'] = 'Support name';
$Definition['Garden.Email.SupportAddress'] = 'Support email';
$Definition['UrlCode'] = 'Url code';
$Definition['OldPassword'] = 'Old password';
$Definition['RoleID'] = 'role';
$Definition['EmailInvitation'] = 'Привет!
%1$s has invited you to join %2$s. If you want to join, you can do so by clicking this link:
Всего доброго!';
$Definition['EmailMembershipApproved'] = 'Привет %1$s,
You have been approved for membership. Sign in now at the following link:
Всего доброго!';
$Definition['EmailWelcome'] = 'Привет %1$s,
%2$s has created an account for you at %3$s. Your login credentials are:
  Email: %6$s
  Password: %5$s
  Url: %4$s
Всего доброго!';
$Definition['EmailPassword'] = 'Привет %1$s,
%2$s has reset your password at %3$s. Your login credentials are now:
  Email: %6$s
  Password: %5$s
  Url: %4$s
Всего доброго!';
$Definition['PasswordRequest'] = 'Привет %1$s,
Someone has requested to reset your password at %2$s. To reset your password, follow this link:
If you did not make this request, disregard this email.';
$Definition['EmailNotification'] = '%1$s
Это здесь: %2$s
Всего доброго!';
$Definition['EmailStoryNotification'] = '%1$s
Это здесь: %2$s
Всего доброго!';
$Definition['PluginHelp'] = "Plugins allow you to add functionality to your site.<br />Once a plugin has been added to your %s folder, you can enable or disable it here.";
$Definition['ApplicationHelp'] = "Applications allow you to add large groups of functionality to your site.<br />Once an application has been added to your %s folder, you can enable or disable it here.";
$Definition['ThemeHelp'] = "Themes allow you to change the look &amp; feel of your site.<br />Once a theme has been added to your %s folder, you can enable it here.";
$Definition['AddonProblems'] = "<h2>Problems?</h2><p>If something goes wrong with an addon and you can't use your site, you can disable them manually by editing:</p>%s";
$Definition['Date.DefaultFormat'] = '%B %e, %Y';
$Definition['Date.DefaultDayFormat'] = '%B %e';
$Definition['Date.DefaultYearFormat'] = '%B %Y';
$Definition['Date.DefaultTimeFormat'] = '%l:%M%p';
$Definition['Who\'s Online'] = 'Сейчас на сайте';
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